Made possible by Pfizer Inc.
Produced by Clear Channel Exhibitions
Concept, text, and design by Topics Education, Inc.
Illustrations by Kerry Ferguson, San Antonio, TX

Welcome to an amazing new world...

An exhibit Produced by Clear Channel Exhibitions in collaboration with National Human Genome Research Institute, Department of Health and Human Services and Whitehead Institute/MIT Center for Genome Research

Come and Discover

We are just beginning to unlock the deeper secrets of the human genome. GENOME: THE SECRET OF HOW LIFE WORKS, and the educational materials and programming developed in association with the exhibit, are designed to allow students and families to learn about the nature of the human genome, the history of its discovery and its impact on our lives.

We are proud to make this exhibit possible, and help create innovative new ways to experience this exciting new world first-hand.

Pfizer is supporting this exhibit because we believe it is important for families to understand the challenges and opportunities that will ultimately develop from the mapping of the human genome.

Pfizer's partnership of GENOME: THE SECRET OF HOW LIFE WORKS is part of the company's commitment to science education - promoting science literacy and making science fun for all ages.

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