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Teacher's Activity Guide and Lesson Plans

Here are a variety of Genome classroom resources. You will need Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader in order to view the complete Teacher's Activity Guide and the .pdf versions of the lesson plans. If you would like to download Acrobat Reader, click here. (It's free and easy).

Lesson plans are also available as Word documents (.doc) and as Web pages (Web).

Teacher's Activity Guide (complete) .pdf (only)

Table of Contents .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web

Introduction .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web

Elementary School Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: Variety is the Spice of Life .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 2: Outrageous Offspring .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 3: Cell City .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 4: Ladders of Life .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 5: Genetic Hall of Fame .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 6: Genetic Mistakes .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 7: Whose Genes Are These, Anyway?
.pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 8: And The Verdict Is… .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web

High School Lesson Plans

Lesson 1: A Unique Individual .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 2: How You Became a Unique Individual
.pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 2 (handout): Genetics of Parenthood
.pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 3: The Structure of DNA .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 4: Proteins, Proteins .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 5: Disproving the Proof .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 6: Genome's Greatest Hits .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 6 (reproducible): .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 7: Where can we go from here?
.pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 8: Understanding DNA Fingerprinting
.pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Lesson 8 (handout): The Case of Gerald Walker
.pdf  |  .doc  |  Web

Glossary .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web
Acknowledgements .pdf  |  .doc  |  Web

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