1) What is the purpose of gene therapy?  Hint
To decode DNA
To treat genetically caused diseases by inserting normally functioning genes
To discover the shape of RNA

2) An embryo contains special cells that can become any type of cell the body needs. What are these cells called?  Hint
plant cells
stem cells
jail cells

3) The DNA double helix looks a twisted ladder and the ladder’s rungs are made out of chemicals called bases—A, T, G and C. What do these letters stand for?  Hint
argon, thorium, gallium, and cerium
adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine
abronia, torenia, globba, and celastrus

4) What is a protein?  Hint
A protein is a chain made of 20 kinds of links called amino acids
A cell’s office or control center
A mutation

5) What does DNA stand for?  Hint
dinucleus acid
duel nitrogen amino
deoxyribonucleic acid

6) What are your genes made of?  Hint
Amino Acids

7) What is it called when there is a change that happens during the copying of DNA?  Hint
A single gene trait
An endoplasmic reticulum
A mutation

8) What are the smallest building blocks of life?  Hint

9) What are the helper proteins that assist during DNA copying?  Hint
Amino Acids

10) If the DNA in just one of your cells unwound, about how long would it stretch?  Hint
1 foot
3 feet
6 feet


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