1) What is an example of an inherited trait?  Hint
Eye color
Not liking your vegetables

2) What is the purpose of gene therapy?  Hint
To decode DNA
To treat genetically caused diseases by inserting normally functioning genes
To discover the shape of RNA

3) For what discovery did Barbara McClintock win a Nobel prize?  Hint
“Jumping” genes

4) What are the helper proteins that assist during DNA copying?  Hint
Amino Acids

5) The DNA double helix looks a twisted ladder and the ladder’s rungs are made out of chemicals called bases—A, T, G and C. What do these letters stand for?  Hint
argon, thorium, gallium, and cerium
adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine
abronia, torenia, globba, and celastrus

6) What is the shape of DNA?  Hint
A trapezoid
A hexagon
A double helix

7) What are the smallest building blocks of life?  Hint

8) Which of the following make up proteins?  Hint
Golgi Bodies
Amino Acids

9) Fill in the blank. ____________ can help to analyze a person’s DNA for mutations.  Hint
Cell membranes
DNA fingerprinting
Genetic testing

10) If the DNA in just one of your cells unwound, about how long would it stretch?  Hint
1 foot
3 feet
6 feet


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