Table of Contents

This table of contents is for use with the Teacher's Activity Guide .pdf file.

Introductionpage 1
Unit 1 Grades 4-8 Science
EMS Lesson 1: Variety is the Spice of Life4
EMS Lesson 2: Outrageous Offspring6
EMS Lesson 3: Cell City8
EMS Lesson 4: Ladders of Life10
EMS Lesson 5: Genetic Hall of Fame12
EMS Lesson 6: Genetic Mistakes14
EMS Lesson 7: Whose Genes Are These, Anyway?16
EMS Lesson 8: And the Verdict Is18
Unit 2 Grades 9-12 Science
HS Lesson 1: A Unique Individual22
HS Lesson 2: How You Became a Unique Individual24
HS Lesson 3: The Structure of DNA28
HS Lesson 4: Proteins, Proteins30
HS Lesson 5: Disproving the Proof32
HS Lesson 6: Genome's Greatest Hits34
HS Lesson 7: Where can we go from here?38
HS Lesson 8: Understanding DNA Fingerprinting40

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